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"Acting is Living Truthfully in Imaginary Circumstances"

About Kymberle

Kymberle Joseph an author, playwright, director, mother, daughter, sister and the founder/owner of the Kymberle Project –Performance Space, has always been a theater enthusiast. She has graced the stage in several NYC productions, both off-Broadway and off-off Broadway. As a playwright and producer she has mounted two of her plays “Monette” and “Choices”. She has also directed several theater productions. Kymberle believes performance allows the performer to rely on their own athleticism, grounding into the genuineness and realism and story. The performers desire to commit and thrive in the story creates freedom for themselves but most importantly for the audience. As they heal the audience, they also heal themselves. Kymberle has completed a 2-year acting conservatory under the tutelage of James Price, the founding director of the Acting Studio in NYC. She completed New School Creative Arts Therapy program with a focus in Drama Therapy.  She studied at the Susan Batson studios and voice with Mary Workman and Barbara Christopher. 

About Us

Standing Ovation is an Acting School focused on helping the actor live authentically as their character. We strive to assist the actor to move beyond themselves and courageously. We help the actor take the words off the page and give them life. We offer an array of both online and face to face economical classes, as we truly understand what it means to be a struggling actor. 

Our courses allows you to approach the script and characters with new eyes and vigor. Our objective is to allow the actor to pick up any cold script and quickly make it their own. 

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